: 5’000’000 Bulgarian Lev Invested in the Future at Webit’s Stage

5 July 2022

5’000’000 Bulgarian Lev Invested in the Future at Webit’s Stage

The companies in which the investors of WIN will acquire ownership are clear.

Over 75,000 attendees took part in the four-day hybrid edition of Webit Impact Forum ( on June 28-July 1. The event also featured the Finals of Webit’s Founders Games (, one of the world's largest growth challenges supporting exponential innovations for a resilient and sustainable future.

The winners in the fifth and final round were selected by an all-star jury chaired by Tim Draper (venture capitalist and founder of the Draper Venture Network), Gilad Novik (former Partner at Lakestar, among the first investors in Facebook, Spotify), Dr. Alexander 'Sasha' Galitsky (Founder & MP of Almaz Capital), Dr. Risto Siilasmaa, (Founder of F-secure & Chairman of Nokia 2012-2020), Ajay Ramachandran (Founding Partner of ifMagic VC), as well as Dr. Plamen Russev ( - investor and founder of Webit and WIN.

The selection is extremely diverse in terms of geography, and represents a variety of industries: food, mobility, finance, sustainable technology, green planet, media and entertainment. The winners come from countries with very good indicators and a number of already successfully established billion-dollar companies (unicorns). We could not have asked for a better selection and distribution.” commented Dr. Plamen Russev right after the spectacular Founders Games ceremony. “The fact that Tim Draper spent 2 hours with us and clearly stated the high level of the companies is a clear signal of the great work and potential of our investments,” he continued.

Each of the winning companies received an investment award of €500,000, with the opportunity to increase the investment up to €1 million per company after the upcoming meeting of the WIN Board of Directors.

The finalists went through 4 selection rounds and evaluation of over 200 international investors, including EarlyBird, Sequoia Capital, Channel 4 Ventures and hundreds more, as well as corporate investors from Sony Ventures, Toyota Ventures, BMW Ventures and many others. They all got to know their business models, uniqueness of their ideas, team capacity, financial stability and their market adoption.

Though coming from different industries, business models and countries, the winners have one important thing in common - they are not only successful and fast-growing in their respective markets, they are also making the future of our planet more sustainable.

Here are the 5 winners:

- CAKE 0 emission the Swedish electric bike company was part of the Mobility & Urban Tech vertical. CAKE 0 Emission aims to contribute to a zero emission society with technology that has been compared to that of Volvo in regards to safety and sustainability. To date, the company has attracted a total of €68 million in investment.

- EcoTree is a Danish company - part of Cleantech & Smart Energy - that offers a high quality, certified carbon removal solution that pays for itself and builds biodiversity and sustainable forestry.

To date, EcoTree has raised a total of €12 million investments and doubles its revenue every coming year since foundation: $1.5 million in revenue for 2019, $3.9 million for 2020, and $7.7 million in revenue for 2021.

- 360VUZ brings an exotic twist coming from the UАЕ. The company owns the largest 360-degree video content library worldwide and is building a hyper-connected product to teleport, empower and entertain its users by capturing and delivering live and on-demand 360° video content and interactive experiences for sporting events, celebrity appearances, concerts and more. 360VUZ has generated revenue of over $3M for 2021, which is expected to grow to over $8M for 2022.

- WechselGott GmbH is a German FinTech company which offers a platform for automatic collection of customer insurance and energy contracts and processing through various APIs.

КThey have signed contracts with some of the largest banks in Austria and Germany, and express ambitions to expand across Europe with a $6.6M raised in funding so far.

- Alver World SA is a Swiss company that produces proteins from the Golden, Diamond and Ruby Chlorella microalgae. They are naturally neutral in taste and smell, which makes them easy to include in everyday foods.

Alver has a patent for the most sustainable way to produce protein from algae, which also serves as a binding agent in the production of healthy foods. The company has raised $6M in investor capital to date and announced the closing of an upcoming round in the next month.

Webit’s Founders Games have created the FG6 Index as an indicator that finalists from the past 6 years of the competition have increased their capital 6.9 times after winning at the Founders Games. Some of the most successful representatives from previous editions are WeFarm, Lightyear, TestCard, some of which have increased their ratings and value by more than 10 times.

Investors in one of the most successful Bulgarian Stock Exchange IPOs - WIN (Webit Investment Network) - will very soon acquire ownership in the 5 finalists. Webit and the global community of investors and leaders will further collaborate and care together for their future success, to create value for the investors and a better, more sustainable future.