Meetings with investors

Meeting with Investor of the Month June 2024: Mr. Krasimir Katev

Krasimir Katev: "Currently the price of the WIN share should be BGN 2 in an efficient market"

Watch the full video from the first of WIN's monthly investor meetings with special guest Investor of the Month.

During the conversation, Mr. Katev said that there is no reason for investors to wait for the "capital increase" event, provided that at the moment, according to him, the WIN share is undervalued by 2 times, and he himself said that he will buy WIN stock now.

Mr. Katev said that if someone were to buy WIN shares now at a price that is still trading just below BGN 1, and based on his belief in the undervalued status of the stock, he thinks he could benefit from the arbitrage from the price difference in a potential future capital increase and to sell trading rights from which to realize a possible quick financial result while holding the WIN stock long-term.

Watch the full video with capital markets expert and WIN investor, Mr. Krasimir Katev, where you will see more:

  • 1. Focus on the company CH4 Global, which announced a new investment round with a target valuation of $150M-$200M (pre-money). We remind you that WIN entered at a valuation (pre-money) of $75M in December 2023.
  • 2. The Boxing Pear column, in which the Investor of the Month asks questions and scrutinizes risk assessment, business planning, investments and individual companies from WIN's portfolio and gives an opinion on the answers received.
  • Analysis of local and global capital markets
  • Questions and answers with the special guests of the event - the first 50 investors who received personal access to the investor of the month Mr. Krasi Katev and the host - Dr. Plamen Rusev.

Among the special guests in the event audience are WIN investors:

Mr. Miroslav Zaporozhanov,
Mr. Georgi Nikolov,
Mr. Nikola Georgiev,
Mr. Ivo Orozov,
Mr. Andrey Dimitrov,
Mr Nedyalko Stefanov,
Ms Nadezhda Chanova,
Mr Ivo Gergov,
Mr Nikolay Panayotov,
Mr Krasimir Ivanov,
Ms. Anastasia Salabasheva,
Mr. Vilislav Slavev,
Mr. Deyan Delchev,
Ms. Biserka Siromakhova,
Mr. Atanas Georgiev,
Mr. Gospodin Gochev,
Bilyana Kotsakova,
Evgenia Konsulova,
Mr Vasil Valchev,
Mr Stoyan Manchev,
Mr Nikolay Dikov,
Ms Patricia Oliver
and others.

Thank you once again for your trust and we look forward to seeing you at the next Investor of the Month meeting in July, which we will announce soon.

Previous Meetings

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