For business angels

WIN gives you the right to be among the first investors in startups
but with much less risk, a diversified portfolio
and no minimum investment amount.


The first investment stage in which business angels participate is often called the “Three F” (Friends, Family, and Fools - Friends, Family and Fools). At this stage, the bankruptcy rate of companies is up to 98%. In the next stage, with the participation of early investment funds, the risk is "lowered" to 90%-95%.

For successful investments, business angels should invest in multiple companies (10-20) and expect survival of about 5% of them. Ideally, the investor should also participate in follow-on rounds for these surviving companies. Returns can reach 10 to 100 times, but the risk remains very high.

Investing in startups without 98% risk

Thanks to the contracts with Webit and Founders Games, WIN invests in companies from the 3rd to the 5th investment round (post-seed to Series A/B), being able to participate in these rounds without bearing the big risks of previous rounds. Thus, WIN reduces the investment risk compared to business angels, keeping the return potential from 2-3 to 20 (and more) times.

Without losing the thrill of direct investment in a startup

WIN has created a special “Council of Investors”, in which every shareholder can participate and vote on investments. This allows you to experience the thrill of your investment choices, but with much less risk and a greater chance of success.

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