For BSE investors

Don't wait for global companies to go public.
Invest in their startup through WIN and get the financial reward for it.


WIN invests with a standard investment horizon of 4 to 8 years, during which time our team actively supports companies in their growth, participates in at least two or three investment rounds and evaluates each investment with a potential return on funds of at least 3 to 5 times.

Increase revenue by 104.3% in 1 year

For the past year, the consolidated revenues of the companies in our portfolio increased by 104.3%, increasing by more than 50 million BGN to a total of 103.5 million BGN.

Focus on dividends

According to the BSE listing rules, WIN is committed to distributing 90% of its annual profit as a dividend. This means that upon the occurrence of key events, such as the redemption of previous investors' shares, the sale of the company or its listing on the stock exchange, WIN investors will receive a dividend as soon as possible after the next audited report.

Growing portfolio

As WIN's portfolio expands, the risk for investors decreases.

In one of the most successful public offerings on the BEAM market of the BSE on 06.06.2022, WIN attracted over BGN 14.4 million of investment interest, with the offering being oversubscribed 2.43 times. At the time of the offering, the company did not have a single investment in its portfolio. Today you can view our portfolio of fast growing companies here.

Risk diversification

The companies in which WIN invests are fast growing, with realized revenues and at least two successful investment rounds. They are selected from among thousands of international participants in Webit's Founders Games, representing various regions and industries. This significantly reduces the risk for the WIN portfolio and increases the chances of success. Even if one of the companies in the portfolio faces unforeseen challenges due to specifics of the region or industry in which it operates, the remaining companies will continue to operate successfully because they are from other regions/continents and industries.

Access to some of the best growth stage companies

WIN provides a unique opportunity for BSE investors to invest in a global portfolio of some of the fastest growing companies, which have been selected by over 300 of the most experienced investors in the venture capital world. This gives WIN investors a significantly higher chance of return and profit.

Examples from the WIN portfolio

CH4 Global
CH4 Global: A company with an addressable market of over US$75 billion annually. Produces a feed supplement for cattle that reduces methane emissions by up to 90% and increases milk and meat productivity by 10%-15%. Potential growth of 100x. See more about the company here.
BeeHero: A leader in precision pollination with over 200,000 managed hives and revenue of over $44 million by 2023. The market includes over 100 million hives, with the potential to grow over 100x. See more about the company here.

How many other companies in your portfolio provide all of these capabilities in one stock – BSE: WIN?