For investors (LPs) in venture capital funds

With WIN you invest early, in global startups selected by hundreds of professional investors
and your money is not locked for 10 years and there is no minimum investment amount like in a fund.


When investing in a venture capital fund, there are three basic rules:

  1. The minimum investment amount is usually from 100,000 to over a million BGN.
  2. Invested funds are locked for at least 10 years.
  3. The money is invested in a local or at most regional portfolio of companies.

At the end of the investment period of 10 + 2 years, you get back your funds and any profit. If you want a global portfolio, the minimum investment can vary from a few million to tens of millions of BGN.

5 reasons to buy shares in WIN:

  1. Your WIN investment is not locked in and you can sell it at any time.
  2. There is no minimum investment size.
  3. Each successful investment and subsequent sale is reflected in WIN's accounts, with 90% of the profit distributed as a dividend.
  4. WIN does not recycle shareholders' funds, but returns them as a dividend.
  5. As a WIN shareholder, the earlier you purchase shares, the greater your exposure to the company's entire portfolio.

The advantages of the WIN model:

The following two graphs clearly show the advantages of the WIN model compared to the traditional venture capital fund investment model.

Up to this point, investors do not have any liquidity of their money. At this point, investors get their money back with a profit (if the fund is successful) - in the tenth to twelfth year after their investment.
At any moment, WIN investors can seek liquidity of part of their money or their entire investment. At these points, investors receive 90% of the profit from each exit (if any) as a dividend.