By bringing together hundreds of investors from around the world and their business interests, WIN becomes the global network of investors that helps the successful creation of the next Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla, and SpaceX.

Working together with a global brand like Webit also leads to an even more successful establishment of Founders Games in the mind of every company founder in the world, as the best and most desirable place to pitch and obtain funding.

Consequently, this not only indicates a “talent magnet” , but also increases the likelihood that future trillion-dollar companies will be helped in their beginnings precisely by WIN and our shareholders.

Leading investors from around the world participate and evaluate a series of rounds (5) of thousands of applicant companies and select less than 100 of them who get the right to pitch live to an audience and jury of investors at a Webit event.

Prior to the finals, the WIN Investors Council also votes and selects from among 15 companies nominated as semi-finalists, which will be eliminated and will not reach the Founders Games finals in a given season. The Founders Games are held twice a year - in two separate seasons (spring/summer and autumn/winter).

According to Founders Games terms, participating companies are not being charged throughout the process. All costs including competition organizing, providing free exhibition stands (physical or virtual), meeting with investors, presenting on stage and many other direct and indirect costs are fully carried by Webit with no conditions for payment by startups companies.

A condition of participation for each company is the right of Webit or a structure determined by Webit to receive an allocation in a special "bridge round" or in the first upcoming investment round.

The companies that have been selected among the finalists so far have proven successful over time. Here is an example of the finalists from the previous two editions in 2019 and 2020. The 2021 finalists are not included in the index due to the fact that a short period of time has passed since their participation in Founders Games and there have not been enough events related to rounds, valuations or attracting new capital.

Founders Games stats: 2019-2020
Startup Domain Funding before Webit Total Funding after Webit
Wefarm Food / agriculture $9,7M Grant + Seed $34.2M Series A Pitch video Source
TestCard Health $2.5M $30M Pitch video Source
Sonavi Labs Health $1.8M Seed $4.5M Pitch video Source
Mediktor Health $3M Series A $15.8M Venture Round Pitch video Source
Medixine Health $3.2M Seed $7.3M Equity Crowdfunding Pitch video Source
Elemeno Health Health $4M Seed $7M Pitch video Source
Keyless Cyber Security $2.5M Pre Seed $9.5M Seed Round Pitch video Source
Lightyear Transport / Energy $28M Series A $110M Venture Round Pitch video Source
UAT (United Aircraft Technologies) Transport/aviation $530K Pre Seed $1.9M Seed Pitch video Source
Bloom Biorenewables Green energy $2.5M Seed €3.9M Seed Pitch video Source

As observed over a two-year period, Founders Games' selected companies have more than quadrupled the amount of investment received and drastically increased their valuations. From investors' point of view, this means the following - return on investment and profits. In fact, all these companies are yet to grow much more.